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Best Places to Take Your Dog in Palm Beach

Palm Beach Dog Park


There are a ton of places in the sunshine state, in Palm Beach, that you can take your favorite pups to, and all of them are just absolutely amazing, there places that you would have amazing fun with your furry friend. The problem with that though is that there are just too many darn perfect spots to take your pup to.


It’s actually a problem that me and my pup runs into a lot of the time, I mean me, and Max just can’t seem to find that one great spot, but we keep looking, and we won’t stop till Max finds the place he’s most comfortable at. I mean you’d think Palm Beach wouldn’t be that big, but apparently it is, it’s great and a little annoying at the same time isn’t.


In the meantime, though, while we look for my pup’s best place to hang out at, we can help you pick out a place to take your own pup to, maybe even help you find the place that he just loves. Hopefully one of the ones we have here on the list is going to be the one, and if not, hopefully you can find it faster than Max and I are searching for ours.


So, to help you on your journey, and to find a good place to take your dog out for the day without any major headaches. Here, for your convenience is a conveniently compiled list of all the absolute best places to take your dog in Palm Beach, Fl.


Clear Kayak tours Through Jupiter


The first one on our list is a bit more on the unusual side, and it’s pretty unusual because dogs don’t usually like water, most of the time. You can definitely find a pup that just adores getting wet, whether that’s in the tub or the ocean.


If your pup does enjoy the ocean and doesn’t get to freaked out when they see the water, then this on is just perfect for you guys. It’s an event that’s hosted by a super-duper friendly Airbnb, and its hosted by a few different people when you head out into the water, all of them amazing and polite and can answer any question that you may want to know, whether it concerns your pup and no.


Something you should know though is that you need to have a blanket or a rug or something to put on the bottom of the kayak to protect it, just in case your pup has an accident or some such. Also, the event lasts an hour and a half, which can be kinda long for some people and pups, but if you think you guys can handle it, then you’re gonna be seeing some amazing sea life, like manatee’s, exotic fish, birds, and birds of all kind.


It’s also kinda a nice to tip your guide, though it’s totally cool if you can’t. Rates also starts at $65 a person, which can be pretty pricey.


Peanut Island


This is another really strange one for all you folks, see this one also includes a very fun kayak or boat adventure for you and your pup.

You have to take a boat or a kayak to the Peanut island, which is very interesting, explorative, and open for you, your family, and your amazing pup to play around in. Just be sure to remember that there is a $10 fee for your pup and you to go across and onto the island. Which is a very small price to pay for some amazing fun in the sun.

Also, it’s not the best policy in my opinion, but there is a very good reason for it. Your pup has to stay on their leash and be within six feet of you at all times while you’re on the island. I really do understand why that is, our pups and other people and their pups can get hurt if anything bad happens, maybe even a pup gets a little to rough when meeting a new friend. Though I still wish I could get to see Max have fun running up and down the beach, it would be amazing. For now, though we’ll settle having fun together, even though we can’t play a good game of fetch.

Lastly, probably the coolest thing about the island above all the other cool stuff about it, is that you can actually spend the night there, and camp out under the stars with your best friend pup. It’s just so amazing that you get to have that much fun, and especially experience that fun in the middle of the night, the memories that you and your pup are going to make will last you guys the rest of your lives. So I definitely recommend that you check out Peanut island, it is just absolutely amazing, and that’s something that Max and I know from experience.


Wellington Dog Park


Moving on, we’ve got something a little more normal for the average pup and their owner. A simple dog park. This dog park though is not just simple, it’s one of the best in Florida, possibly America by the way Max has been wagging his tail every time we go.


It’s a giant park with plenty of room for dogs to run around and play, plenty of nice scenery to look at, and a ton of benches and shade for when you guys need to take a break from the fun. This is definitely one of my favorite parks to take my pup, he just has so much fun, and he loves to meet other friendly pup when he gets the chance.


This is the first park on our list, and it is certainly not the last. We still have two more to go through, which may seem a little excessive, but we like to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from when you want to take your furry friend to the most classic of play places.


City Paws


The City Paws is the next park on our list, and it is just amazing. It is one of the best parks on our list, and it’s also one of the most unique.  I particularly like it since it’s right next to my Palm Beach CPA office. Instead of the natural grass found at many parks around the world, this one is mainly made up of dirt, which is just amazing if your furry friend loves to get dirty.


They’ll have a blast playing in the dirt, meeting other furry friends, and playing with their owners as they run around in this giant park full of dirt. Though there might be a tiny problem, according to some of the reviews me and Max have seen.


Some of the dogs that visit this particular park may not be that nice, maybe a little to energetic, which is not a bad thing at all, but maybe it might not be too great for your own pup, especially if there a smaller breed. But there really is nothing to worry about, as you can find some of the rougher dogs around the world at any park, this one being no different, and the park itself is big enough for all dogs to enjoy themselves without getting in the way of others.


So, I would definitely recommend taking your dog here while you’re in the Palm Beach area but be a little more cautious than usual, so your furry friend doesn’t get into any trouble.


Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming Jupiter


Shaking things up a little, we get to get back into the weirder sides of being an owner of a pup. Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming is just amazing, and it’s something that you will definitely take your furry friend to if you get the chance. Though you definitely don’t need to necessarily take your pup with you for them to enjoy this particular fun thing.


This little shop, that has a few locations around the country is a bakery that makes some of the most delicious dog treats in the world. I know that they taste great, because a ton of my friends have accidentally eaten these treats thinking their human food, which to be fair, they do look too good not to eat.


Anyway, you can head into the shop if you want and pick a few things up for your pup, a few little treats that will be sure to excite them when they smell them. The best thing about these treats is that there not too crazy expensive, there really priced like an ordinary small bakery that you can find anywhere else, for humans that is, a dog bakery is kinda hard to find in normal day to day life.


Along with the bakery side of things for this shop though, is that there is this amazing little grooming section, which you can take your pup to and get them looking all fancy and clean. It’s something that I took Max to once, and he strutted around the house like a kind for days, it was hilarious. I’m really glad that he got to have fun getting a new look, and hopefully your pup can get tons of fun treats while they get a new hairdo.


F.I.N.D Park


F.I.N.D Park is the last park on our list and my personal favorite because of one major reason, one that will literally change how you view average dog parks, because of this one amazing advantage that it has over others. This park has two sections to it that cut off big dogs, from small dogs.


This is so amazing to me and Max personally because Max is on the smaller sized of things and can’t really keep up with some of the bigger, rougher dogs that he usually meets out in his day-to-day life. It’s now great that he can now meet dogs that are more his size, even though a lot of them can be kinda mean, he can deal with it really easy now that no big dog can bully him.


So, if you have some major concerns for your pup when they meet dogs, whether that’s your big tough dog meeting a smaller one, or you have a smaller pup that can’t really keep up with bigger dogs, like Max, and need to be separated to make sure everything is fun and safe for everyone. So, we definitely recommend this particular park, as its safe, good for dogs of all levels, big, small, intense, laid back, and anything else under the sun. So, definitely check this one out, as this park has come really close to being Max’s favorite place.




So, that was our list of the best places to take your dog in Palm Beach, FL, and we really hope that you found a good place to take your furry friend on a sunny day for some amazing fun. All of these locations are amazing to take your dog to, and they are all places that we had a lot of fun exploring, so make sure you have fun to on your adventures when you head out.


Also, just to end this on a bit of a safety notice for your pup, make sure that you don’t run into any unfriendly dogs, or dogs that are too much for your own dog. You really don’t want to have them meet and end up with a dog hurt, or a person. It would quickly turn a fun day, into a not so fun day.


Make sure that you follow all the rules of whatever place you choose to visit with your dog, and make sure you comply with them, because again, that can really ruin your day with your pup If you accidentally break someone’s rule. I know from experience that it’s not so much fun when your pup jumps out of a kayak to have some fun times in the ocean, making you have to drag him back in and soaking everyone around us. So, have fun, be safe, and try to follow the guidelines that people lay out for you, you guys are gonna have a ton of fun.