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Why Would You Choose a Yorkie As a Pet?

Yorkie As a Pet


If you are looking for a new pet there are some particular characteristics you might want to look at if you are thinking of choosing a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet, here are just a few reasons why you might like to consider the Yorkshire Terrier as a pet.

They are easy to train: They are intelligent and easy to train and this means that you will have little trouble teaching them what to do. The one thing you must not forget is that they are still dogs and so if you are telling them off for doing something they will not understand. It may be the case that they will never understand, but more often than not they will. Dogs do not think the way we do and so it is important to remember this.

They are loyal: These are renowned for being loyal and protective dogs. Although, they are usually quite protective towards the family that owns them but it is important to remember that they are still dogs and they have natural instincts.

They are small: They are one of the smallest dogs in the Sporting group of dogs. They are not nearly as big as a Labrador or a German Shepherd and when they weigh in at just 3 to 7 pounds they are not going to be very big on their feet and can easily slip through able iron works.

This means that even if you have a small child in the house you are going to have trouble getting them to play with the dog, it is just too small and a puppy would not really know what to do.

velvet fright: The Yorkies are a small breed and they are rather elegant to look at. This brings out the best in them and their softer sides. They have beautiful faces and the soft look of their coat is just something that you can turn into an outfit that you know every little child will be proud of when they are dressed up as something to take to the next opportunity.

The Yorkies have been named after England and if you explore this, you can find them with a very similar name in the US called American Yorkshire Terrier but the UK version is protected by the term register of forming part of the American Kennel Club.

Aggression with other dogs: There are some differences between the temperament of a puppy and that of an adult dog you are looking at. The adults are usually more placid but with a little problem when it comes to being left alone. This can be overcome but if you choose to own this type of dog you are going to need to spend a lot of time with them.

You have to be able to leave for long periods of time and the dog will suffer and become unhappy. It is much the same as you going off on a trip without that friend you have met for years whom you have grown very close with and then have to suppose they will never see you again. In some cases the dogs end up being killed and that is how it seems on the streets.

To start with make sure that you are not going to leave them for too long in the cars when you drive in the country because you never know when you are taken off the main routes and it is such a relief to arrive at your destination when you have to pee the dog.

They are easily trained feed on whatever you choose to give them but they won’t go hungry or want something to eat if you provide them with some options that are fun to chew.

Training them is a snap since there is not a dog alive with a better written and verbal section. You will find that they will respond to a command when they hear it and follow it without being prompted and the best part is that they do not make mistakes when they follow a command because if they do, it is usually too late for them to correct themselves.

Yorkies can be potty trained: This breed with big plans, is actually very easy to potty train. And one particular trick that is easy enough to do is just take them out when they need to go and then reward them with a treat and then after they potty you either give them the treat again, or they can be let out to go.

Leaving them alone while you entertain visitors is a no-no, because you are just asking for trouble. If visitors do arrive expect your dog to get over excited and may even try jumping up at them.

So remember the easy way to potty train is the easiest way and the easiest way to teach your dog new commands. And remember that toy breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, make even the slightest mistake and you need to concentrate on correcting it fast or else they may learn to slip out of your sight and that is what they are bred to do.

These simple few tips can help you stop spending sleepless nights about how to potty train a Yorkshire Terrier, and allow you to enjoy the better part of owning one of these sweet dogs.