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Common Dog Training Methods

dog training care


Dogs are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. If you are looking for a dog to keep you company or perform a service, a dog is the best option you have. Dogs are very faithful and obedient to their masters. There are various breeds of dogs and keeping them as pets can be a rewarding experience. Similarly, taking good care of your pet is not an issue and if you want to pamper your pet, then taking care of them is a must. The care you give to your pet is a reflection of your love and care towards it. If you want to promote good health in your dog, then you have to take care of it in the right way. Your pet should not be neglected or messy or extremely dirty. If you own a puppy, you may be familiar with the word “yawning.” For some odd reason, it is a very common behavior with dogs. If you look closely, you will realize that your dogs yawn when you are busy or tired or if they want to play. Some dogs also yawn when they want to greet you and your visitors. yawning is characteristic of a dog. If you notice that your dog is yawning, then there may be reasons for it.

fertilizer for dogs is harmful to them

Dog care experts say that fertilizer should be applied properly. fertilizer that is lethal to your pet may leave your lawn or garden in disarray. An insecticide is one of the commonly used dog pesticides that can be poisonous to your dogs. Some proficiency spray insecticide that can seriously harm your pet is the registered pesticide of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). However, the issue of dogs and insecticides dates back to the 70s and 80s when an army general was supposed to stop a nuisance insect infestation in an army post from which he commanded soldiers to plant crops in an area where the general and his staff had been embedded.

It is a common misconception that a dog is okay to eat the same food as you, but not all human food is okay for your dog. Foods that contain one or more ingredients that are all listed in the Iams Super Grains Deluxe product are okay for your canine. In addition, your dog does not have the same digestive tract that humans have. While it is okay to feed your dog you pinkie for a treat, it is not okay to feed your him other foods or give him treats specifically for him. Certain foods that humans eat every day are okay for your pet but can be very difficult for him to digest making them hazardous. When you vacation and want to take your dog with you, make sure you ask the hotel or boarding house you are staying at if they allow pets to come on board with them.

Nutritional supplements for dogs are a great way to ensure that your dog is getting the nutrients that he needs and you are giving him something that is made specifically for him with all of his nutritional needs in mind. You want to imbalance his diet by giving him too many proteins and carbohydrates, but not too many or he can become overweight. Most dog foods contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals for dogs, but if you want to ensure that he is getting the best nutrition you have to be careful not to over feed him.

Fertilizers, pesticides and some types of plants can be toxic to your dogs, so when using them, check first with an expert on what your dog is exposed to, and how this might affect him.

Every pet owner wants to have a happy healthy dog, so learning about what you need to do to properly care for him, and taking the steps to ensure that he stays healthy is an important step. The best dog foods are ones that give your dog the nutrients that he needs to be happy and healthy for long periods of time.

Now that you recognize that your dog’s food may not be the best nutrition for him, and that you need to make sure that you are not giving him the wrong foods, you need to become very knowledgeable about what foods that you should never give your dog. There are many foods out there that can cause terrible damage to your dog, either immediately, or in the long run over time.

Puppies are the most common victims of poisoning from human food, and there are some symptoms that we can observe in them that can relate to what we humans are eating. Obesity, for example, is one major cause of this type of poisoning. Another sign that your pooch may not be getting the nutrition that he needs is an output or odors that do not seem to wind up anywhere except to a specific area of your backyard. Always carry your dog snack food in a clear crossbody bag so they can see it and smell it. If these issues pertain to your dog, it would be best to take them to your vet. Your dog will look much better having the proper diet that he needs.

We all love our dogs, and want to have them around.


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Pet Dog Health

dog health tips


There are two main areas that need to be considered in pet dog health. These two areas are nutrition and cleanliness.

These two are interrelated, as pet dog health depends on the overall well being of the dog.

Here’s a few tips:

Dogs need daily exercise. This is a no brainer. Some breeds require less than an hour per day, while some require three hours per day. Others can get by with half an hour per day. If you have a breed that requires less than an hour, you’ll want to start out with that kind of dog health regime. How you exercise your dog will greatly affect overall dog health.

If you’re one of the many dog owners that like to take their dog with them, there are a couple of other options. Where there are dogs allowed, there are dogs left outside. While not all of them are up to date on their shots, they’re generally willing to play with kids, and keep an eye on the outside temperature. There are also some dog parks within driving distance. This can be a fun place for dogs and kids to socialize and interact with each other. Just make sure that your dog is updated on his or her vaccinations to keep them healthy and safe.

Another pet dog health tip to keep in mind is to feed your dog right. Studies have shown that picky eaters are more susceptible to illness, and obesity. Some of the cheap dog foods have higher levels of carbohydrates and sugar than foods that are higher in protein.

If you wish to feed your dog table scraps, you’ll want to be careful to avoid foods that are toxic to canines. Some human food is toxic to canines, such as chocolate and onions. If you wish to feed your dog a human meal, you’ll want to make sure that it is safe, and that your dog won’t be poisoned by the pesticides that are in the food you feed them.

A pet dog health tip to bolster their health is to make sure to portion control their food. Just portion enough food into their bowl at feeding time, so they don’t have extra to snack on. It will help to not overfeed your dog. Chances are they’re getting a lot of extra snacks from the foods you buy for them. This table scraps aren’t doing your dog any good, and could certainly do them harm, making them a very unhealthy pet.

If you wish to treat your dog, but you don’t serve any human food, you should be sure not to serve them any foods that contain artificial preservatives or other chemicals. These can cause a variety of health problems for your dog. Instead, you may want to consider the treat alternatives to make sure your pet gets all the nutrition that they need each day.

Canine specific foods aren’t meats, but instead specific types of foods. These foods would contain all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that dogs need to be healthy. It’s likely that you’ll want to do a little research to ensure that foods are safe for your specific canine.

If you want to make sure that your dog gets the right amount of nutrients, you’ll want to make sure that you portion control them. Part of this is making sure that you only fill your dog’s bowl half full at feeding time. You don’t want to fill it to much, as you don’t want them to gulp down their food. This can lead to them not eating, or putting it down to too much food.

You may want to consider raw, organic food, and even some recipes for your home made food. These are a few great ideas. Talk to your vet to see what they say. You are the one that is qualified to say what’s best for your dog.

Now it’s time to talk about the treats. Many people are turning to dog treats as a way to help with the cost of keeping your dog healthy. You can even make your own dog treats as a classic car appraisal near me does. Rawhide is a popular choice, but might not be the best since there’s been some controversy over matured rawhide bones causing intestinal problems.

You also want to watch out for chocolate when it comes to dog treats. The caffeine in chocolate is toxic to dogs, and an amount as small as a Hershey’s Kiss, can cause your pet to become excited and have a mode of diarrhoea. You want to be especially cautious about giving chocolate to small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies or Min Pins.

You must avoid any generic dog foods at all costs. Generic means that there is no guarantee that your dog will be able to digest the food. The main thing is to buy a brand of food that you know you can trust.

Another thing to avoid is anything that actively contains artificial preservatives or chemicals.

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Best Places to Take Your Dog in Palm Beach

Palm Beach Dog Park


There are a ton of places in the sunshine state, in Palm Beach, that you can take your favorite pups to, and all of them are just absolutely amazing, there places that you would have amazing fun with your furry friend. The problem with that though is that there are just too many darn perfect spots to take your pup to.


It’s actually a problem that me and my pup runs into a lot of the time, I mean me, and Max just can’t seem to find that one great spot, but we keep looking, and we won’t stop till Max finds the place he’s most comfortable at. I mean you’d think Palm Beach wouldn’t be that big, but apparently it is, it’s great and a little annoying at the same time isn’t.


In the meantime, though, while we look for my pup’s best place to hang out at, we can help you pick out a place to take your own pup to, maybe even help you find the place that he just loves. Hopefully one of the ones we have here on the list is going to be the one, and if not, hopefully you can find it faster than Max and I are searching for ours.


So, to help you on your journey, and to find a good place to take your dog out for the day without any major headaches. Here, for your convenience is a conveniently compiled list of all the absolute best places to take your dog in Palm Beach, Fl.


Clear Kayak tours Through Jupiter


The first one on our list is a bit more on the unusual side, and it’s pretty unusual because dogs don’t usually like water, most of the time. You can definitely find a pup that just adores getting wet, whether that’s in the tub or the ocean.


If your pup does enjoy the ocean and doesn’t get to freaked out when they see the water, then this on is just perfect for you guys. It’s an event that’s hosted by a super-duper friendly Airbnb, and its hosted by a few different people when you head out into the water, all of them amazing and polite and can answer any question that you may want to know, whether it concerns your pup and no.


Something you should know though is that you need to have a blanket or a rug or something to put on the bottom of the kayak to protect it, just in case your pup has an accident or some such. Also, the event lasts an hour and a half, which can be kinda long for some people and pups, but if you think you guys can handle it, then you’re gonna be seeing some amazing sea life, like manatee’s, exotic fish, birds, and birds of all kind.


It’s also kinda a nice to tip your guide, though it’s totally cool if you can’t. Rates also starts at $65 a person, which can be pretty pricey.


Peanut Island


This is another really strange one for all you folks, see this one also includes a very fun kayak or boat adventure for you and your pup.

You have to take a boat or a kayak to the Peanut island, which is very interesting, explorative, and open for you, your family, and your amazing pup to play around in. Just be sure to remember that there is a $10 fee for your pup and you to go across and onto the island. Which is a very small price to pay for some amazing fun in the sun.

Also, it’s not the best policy in my opinion, but there is a very good reason for it. Your pup has to stay on their leash and be within six feet of you at all times while you’re on the island. I really do understand why that is, our pups and other people and their pups can get hurt if anything bad happens, maybe even a pup gets a little to rough when meeting a new friend. Though I still wish I could get to see Max have fun running up and down the beach, it would be amazing. For now, though we’ll settle having fun together, even though we can’t play a good game of fetch.

Lastly, probably the coolest thing about the island above all the other cool stuff about it, is that you can actually spend the night there, and camp out under the stars with your best friend pup. It’s just so amazing that you get to have that much fun, and especially experience that fun in the middle of the night, the memories that you and your pup are going to make will last you guys the rest of your lives. So I definitely recommend that you check out Peanut island, it is just absolutely amazing, and that’s something that Max and I know from experience.


Wellington Dog Park


Moving on, we’ve got something a little more normal for the average pup and their owner. A simple dog park. This dog park though is not just simple, it’s one of the best in Florida, possibly America by the way Max has been wagging his tail every time we go.


It’s a giant park with plenty of room for dogs to run around and play, plenty of nice scenery to look at, and a ton of benches and shade for when you guys need to take a break from the fun. This is definitely one of my favorite parks to take my pup, he just has so much fun, and he loves to meet other friendly pup when he gets the chance.


This is the first park on our list, and it is certainly not the last. We still have two more to go through, which may seem a little excessive, but we like to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from when you want to take your furry friend to the most classic of play places.


City Paws


The City Paws is the next park on our list, and it is just amazing. It is one of the best parks on our list, and it’s also one of the most unique.  I particularly like it since it’s right next to my Palm Beach CPA office. Instead of the natural grass found at many parks around the world, this one is mainly made up of dirt, which is just amazing if your furry friend loves to get dirty.


They’ll have a blast playing in the dirt, meeting other furry friends, and playing with their owners as they run around in this giant park full of dirt. Though there might be a tiny problem, according to some of the reviews me and Max have seen.


Some of the dogs that visit this particular park may not be that nice, maybe a little to energetic, which is not a bad thing at all, but maybe it might not be too great for your own pup, especially if there a smaller breed. But there really is nothing to worry about, as you can find some of the rougher dogs around the world at any park, this one being no different, and the park itself is big enough for all dogs to enjoy themselves without getting in the way of others.


So, I would definitely recommend taking your dog here while you’re in the Palm Beach area but be a little more cautious than usual, so your furry friend doesn’t get into any trouble.


Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming Jupiter


Shaking things up a little, we get to get back into the weirder sides of being an owner of a pup. Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming is just amazing, and it’s something that you will definitely take your furry friend to if you get the chance. Though you definitely don’t need to necessarily take your pup with you for them to enjoy this particular fun thing.


This little shop, that has a few locations around the country is a bakery that makes some of the most delicious dog treats in the world. I know that they taste great, because a ton of my friends have accidentally eaten these treats thinking their human food, which to be fair, they do look too good not to eat.


Anyway, you can head into the shop if you want and pick a few things up for your pup, a few little treats that will be sure to excite them when they smell them. The best thing about these treats is that there not too crazy expensive, there really priced like an ordinary small bakery that you can find anywhere else, for humans that is, a dog bakery is kinda hard to find in normal day to day life.


Along with the bakery side of things for this shop though, is that there is this amazing little grooming section, which you can take your pup to and get them looking all fancy and clean. It’s something that I took Max to once, and he strutted around the house like a kind for days, it was hilarious. I’m really glad that he got to have fun getting a new look, and hopefully your pup can get tons of fun treats while they get a new hairdo.


F.I.N.D Park


F.I.N.D Park is the last park on our list and my personal favorite because of one major reason, one that will literally change how you view average dog parks, because of this one amazing advantage that it has over others. This park has two sections to it that cut off big dogs, from small dogs.


This is so amazing to me and Max personally because Max is on the smaller sized of things and can’t really keep up with some of the bigger, rougher dogs that he usually meets out in his day-to-day life. It’s now great that he can now meet dogs that are more his size, even though a lot of them can be kinda mean, he can deal with it really easy now that no big dog can bully him.


So, if you have some major concerns for your pup when they meet dogs, whether that’s your big tough dog meeting a smaller one, or you have a smaller pup that can’t really keep up with bigger dogs, like Max, and need to be separated to make sure everything is fun and safe for everyone. So, we definitely recommend this particular park, as its safe, good for dogs of all levels, big, small, intense, laid back, and anything else under the sun. So, definitely check this one out, as this park has come really close to being Max’s favorite place.




So, that was our list of the best places to take your dog in Palm Beach, FL, and we really hope that you found a good place to take your furry friend on a sunny day for some amazing fun. All of these locations are amazing to take your dog to, and they are all places that we had a lot of fun exploring, so make sure you have fun to on your adventures when you head out.


Also, just to end this on a bit of a safety notice for your pup, make sure that you don’t run into any unfriendly dogs, or dogs that are too much for your own dog. You really don’t want to have them meet and end up with a dog hurt, or a person. It would quickly turn a fun day, into a not so fun day.


Make sure that you follow all the rules of whatever place you choose to visit with your dog, and make sure you comply with them, because again, that can really ruin your day with your pup If you accidentally break someone’s rule. I know from experience that it’s not so much fun when your pup jumps out of a kayak to have some fun times in the ocean, making you have to drag him back in and soaking everyone around us. So, have fun, be safe, and try to follow the guidelines that people lay out for you, you guys are gonna have a ton of fun.

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Best Hotels in the US for Pets

best pet hotel


Pet owners all over the world need a place to stay that can handle and accept there furry or otherwise friends. It can be kind of tough trying to find a decent pet friendly hotel, and we know how stressful it can get, so in just a few moments, were gonna give you a convenient compiled list of all the best ones, just so you don’t have to leave behind your family pets. I mean, pets are a part of the family, why wouldn’t you want to take them with you on the family vacation?

When planning your awesome vacation, and you’re looking for a hotel, your gonna need to find the right sort of place, it needs to have a standard that you would be fine with when you leave your pet there. You need to find a place that is safe, comfortable, smart, and convenient.

When you do go and look around, your gonna need to look at some of the hotels key features to figure out if it’s the right place for the family. There are a few significant ones that were gonna let you know about really quick.

You need to know if a pet is allowed to be left alone in your hotel room. If you go out and have some fun that may not be suitable for your pet, then your gonna have to leave them in the care of your room, and not all hotels, some pet friendly ones too, do really like that, So, figure out if your allowed to do that, and make sure that you know the rules that go with it if they do end up allowing it.

Make sure you know the pet friendly places. I’ve been to a few hotels where they’ve actually split the place in half, one side is for pet owner, smokers sometimes, and the other is the ones without pets. There are some places that have specialized areas for your dogs to do their business and may not want you to do it in another area. You just have to figure out where and when you can do things with your pets, in the long run its gonna be really good to know.

Last, but certainly not the least, is that you have to know if there is any kind of fee or weight limit when you bring your furry, or otherwise, friend. You need to know how much its gonna cost you on top of the room. You need to know how big the deposit is, is the fees are by weight of the pet, the nights you stay, general stay, etc. So, get your finances in order and figure out how much you’re gonna have to pay.

Now, finally, after letting you know all that important stuff, it’s time for the reason you’re here. You need to find a place for your family, all of your family, and that includes your furry, or otherwise friends. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. For your convenience, here is a compiled list of all the best hotels in the united states of America for pets.

Hotel Columbia

 Located right smack dab in Telluride, Colorado is the pet friendly hotel, Hotel Columbia. This one is first up on the list because it is one of the absolute best vacation spots, and one of the most accommodating towards pets.

It is a ski resort during the colder part of the year, and a great place to hike during the warmer months of the year. Conveniently for humans, the hotel is located right across from the street that will take you up the mountain, so if you’re planning to ski, snowboard, or hike down the mountain, then that it is very good to know.

Every room comes equipped with rustic style furnishings, plush, good looking, comfortable linens, and something that is awesome during the winter and fall, a fireplace or two.

Hotel Columbia is pet friendly but seems to be more targeted towards dogs than any other kind of pet, though they do accept a wide variety, so your cats, lizards, and birds are welcome, just make sure you figure out the rules what you can specifically bring, like we said above.

The staff love dogs, and always welcome them with a surprising amount of enthusiasm. Something that’s really fun for your pups is that they get their own dog beds, and delicious jerky treats.

Now, the best thing about this pet friendly hotel is the fact that they have hiking trails that are equipped for dog friendly people. Both of the trails you can take your furry friend on are only a hop, jump, and a skip away from the hotel, just a few minutes from the lobby really.

Lastly, if you need anything pet oriented or otherwise, a concierge can direct you to any kind of groomer, pet shops, local essentials, fun things to do, restaurants, etc.

 Nick’s Cove

Moving onto the golden state, located in Marshall, California is Nick’s Cove Cottages, and this one is another one that adores dogs. This is also one of the best on the list because it’s the most historic out of this list.

On the shores of the Tomales Bay, just around 60 miles from the famous San Francisco is a congregation of beautifully rustic looking cottages. It’s extremely historic and a great place to play with your pup on the giant beaches that it located on. There is also a backyard fireplace for you to snuggle up with your pets and make smores.

On the inside of the hotel is a bunch of strange, but very amazing amenities. You can have Merlot Wine delivered to your room, as the hotel has a partnership of some sort with a local winery. Most of the rooms come equipped with a kitchen for you to make some home cooked meals with, when your away from home, how fun.

There is also an onsite restaurant that primarily serves food using herbs and vegetables from its local hillside farm, making it a very authentic meal indeed.

There are also tons of fun and convenient amenities that are for your pup or other pets. They have house baked treats, which all dogs adore, and they have some fun treats for non-dog pets as well. They have these fun little pet towels to make sure your friend is clean and healthy. If you ask for it, they can also provide a trail map for you and your pups.

Now, there is a downside to this awesome hotel, it has all the amazing amenities and luxury that you can ask for, comfortable rooms, delicious food, and tons of fun with your furry friends. The downside though is that it is the most expensive on the list, with $365 a night minimum, and $875 at most. If you have the money to get a room here on an amazing trip to California, then it is definitely worth it.

The Bobby Hotel

 This hotel is one of my favorites on the list, because I’m kind of on the side of not splurging, and the Bobby Hotel is one of the cheaper ones. That’s not to say that it’s not averages for a hotel, but it is cheaper than the others we compiled here. The price at most you’ll be spending for a room for a night is only $389, and at least $212, which is pretty amazing.

Moving on from that amazing price, is its location, the Bobby hotel is right in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee, the land of country music and Nashville Recycling. It’s a hip, stylish kind of place, in downtown, and lets pets mostly everywhere on the property, again make sure to find out the places that they can’t go, don’t want your pet to get into any trouble. Oh, and to bring up the price again, the Bobby Hotel doesn’t have a pet fee, which is just amazing.

What’s really special about this place is that they have something called a “pet ambassador,” and her name is Sasha, she is on hand and ready to greet guests when they come in through the door, your pets are going to love her. The hotel, with the help of Sasha can let you know everything that your gonna want to know about when you have your pets with you. They can also let you know what places around town let pets in, which is really nice to have an insider’s view of things.

There is a rooftop lounge, right on the roof, as it is accordingly named, and pets are allowed up there, which is just amazing. There and through other places spotted around the hotel, you can get some food for you and your furry friend, and if you want to eat in and get something there, your pet can choose a treat or a toy from a very well stocked mini bar. It’s all just grand at the Bobby Hotel and is personally the one I would choose to go and stay at, what with its great area, full of fun and good food, and it’s great for my own pet, who would also have tons of fun along the way.

The Line LA

Here’s another just amazing hotel for you to look at, and it’s so amazing because of its price, like the Bobby Hotel, this one is also very cheap compared to the others on the list. The most you’ll spend on a room is $324 a night and at minimum you’ll be paying $185 for a night, which is great as that saves you a bit of cash for you to use on the town. Also, another fun little tid bit about the price, again like the Bobby Hotel, it has no pet fee, your pet is completely welcome to come, and they will keep the doors wide open for you guys.

Both dogs and cats are welcome to the Line LA, and even better is that they have no weight limit, no matter how big your pup or cat is, they are gonna be just fine, even if there the size of a motorcycle.

The front desk service is also just so happy to help you with whatever fun activities you want to do with your pets. They can help you find some parks to play at, some nice long trails for you guys to walk, and they can even help you find some of the best pet friendly restaurants around Los Angeles.

Now, a little about the hotel itself. It can really only be described as cool. It’s vibe just exudes a calm serene cool for all guests to enjoy, with its chic furniture and décor it won’t be hard for you and your pets to feel right at home.



 So, that was our list of the best pet friendly hotels in the world, and the things that you’ll want to know about before you head out on your vacation. We took a look at some of the best that the United States has to offer, and we sure hope that you found some use from this conveniently compiled list of pet friendly hotels around America. They were all amazing, and we hope you enjoy your stay if you end up choosing to head to one based on our suggestion, and we hope that you have an amazing vacation even if you decided on some other amazing place to stay, whatever you decide, you and your pets are going to have a blast.

We took a look at Hotel Columbia, Nick’s Cove, The Bobby Hotel, and The Line LA, all of which are amazing in their own right and offer something special in their own ways. Some of them where cheaper than the others and some of them were a little fancier, but all of them where pet friendly and super welcoming. You’ll be hard pressed to find any hotels that where as amazing as these few and pet friendly as well.





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Why Owners Should Be Aware Of Dog Mange Symptoms


how to manage mange


Dog mange is a type of disorder that frequently attacks puppies, this being due to the fact that these parasites are transferred not only from the external environment but also from the puppies’ own bodily fluids. This meaning that all dogs are potential victims. Once the symptoms show up, it is imperative that dog owners conduct their own investigation to discover the cause of the mange.

Mange symptoms are wide and varied. There are so many different kinds of mange; demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, argyle or lily mange and they are all related to other forms of mange. Demodectic mange is a surface mite infestation while sarcoptic mange is more bacterial infection. All of these mange varieties are accompanied by hair loss which is most common in the early stages of the mange. Mange is contagious, so-called senile mange can transfer to younger dogs.

The following breed of dogs is commonly affected by dog mange: Airedale Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Australian Kelpie, Brussels Griffon, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Laso Apso, Miniature Schnauzer, Papillion, Pekingese, Pomeranian,Scottish Terrier, Shar-Pei, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier. In some cases, mites can become hereditary or they can be brought in with fleas. This being the case, it is recommended that owners of these breeds should clean their dog’s environment such as the dog bed or the dog basket. Mites also live in blankets which can add to the chances of infestation.

Severe cases of demodectic mange are known to affect the dog’s central nervous system. If left untreated this disease can cause death to the dog. Demodectic mange can be a threat to the lives of humans as well as other animals. People affected by demodectic mange may also experience hypersensitivity syndrome, skin irritation, skin cancers and the list continues.

Although demodectic mange is known to occur in all dog breeds, there are reports of the disorder causing stress to Border collies and Dalmatians. For people living in places where the Border Collie and Dalmatian breeds are known to exist, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of the disease.

There are a variety of treatments that can be used to treat demodectic mange. One of the most important things to mention is that the dogs that suffer from demodectic mange can be a select case of the disease. There are some breeds of dogs that are known to have strong immune systems and can be somewhat tougher to treat. Additionally, the learned behavior of the dog can be tampered, making them a notch more difficult to treat.

Since symptoms of demodectic mange are not apparent until the demodectic mange has progressed significantly, it makes the condition harder to diagnose. There are a variety of reason to this. A pet can be scratching uncontrollably without there being complications like a skin infection. Sometimes the pet can have skin lesions, open sores and other kinds of skin problems can make it difficult to correctly diagnose the Thing. What a way to prevent that from happening is the use of a neat tool called the comb. This specially designed device may be sharp, but it is designed to reach in and scratch the skin rather than going to town on the parasites.

Using the comb is easy. Once you comb your pet, comb through the fur, paying particular emphasis to the head and neck. After brushing, use a finer brush to knock the hair chunk from the skin. As you do this, use the comb again to knock the hair Further, after doing so, brush the animal again. This is how you will end up with a comb-free dog!

Although it may take four to six weeks for the dog to get used to the new tool, it is recommended that new pet owners have a grooming professional who handles consultancy in project management do a setup in a first session.

This is how a dog will learn to love the comb.Although it may take four to six weeks for the dog to get used to the new tool, it is recommended that new pet owners have a grooming professional setup a first session.This is how a dog will learn to love the comb.

Prior to the actual cutting procedure, thoroughly check the animal’s skin. Check for skin flakes, rashes, or other types of skin irritations before using the skin brush. In some cases, especially with long haired dogs, you may need to gently shave the dog because its skin may not be pure white and kinky, and white blots may indicate ringworm.


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Supplements For Dogs – Real Help

supplements for dogs


The question of supplements for dogs is often put to you as a question of cost. I know that you love your pet and that you are prepared to spend a small fortune for the best care. Some animals manage to survive without any intervention from their owners. Many others, unfortunately, pass away due to untimely death. Dogs are no exception.

Normally I would suggest that you consult your Vet who would be most qualified to give you some advice on what is good and what is not.

When you want to give your dog a new supplement to see if there have been any changes after a period of 2 to 4 weeks, make sure you wait a minimum of fourteen days after the prescription has been dispensed. This will give you adequate time to investigate the effects of the supplement on your dog and also give you a good opportunity to evaluate your strategy and begin improving his health again.

In some cases a vet may suggest that supplementary treatment be done via injection, which for me is always elective. I do not always agree with this approach as I view it as dangerous and as an owner I would much rather he recommend that your dog is treated for the condition when the actual problem is eliminated.

Many supplements are contraindicated for dogs, as they are considered a special case and have a different set of rules that apply to them. The general advice is that they are not to take any supplement other than glucosamine as this will not damaged by heat metabolism. The most important minerals other than glucosamine are calcium and phosphorus, they form the bulk of muscle and cartilage. A great idea is to go phosphorus containing vitamins such as Beef, Liver and others that specifically target this area. If you are feeding your dog a diet that is high in meat, make sure that he is getting a quality dog food as this is very important and will help to balanced out his diet. A reduced fat diet is also crucial as this will help to trim down the fat over a period of time and will result in a reduction in the instances of dog obesity.

There are other important vitamins and minerals that are a vital part of your dog’s balanced diet.

Lastly, the best supplement for your dog if he needs one is one that has docosa healing procedures. This is as it sounds in English – Dry Skin (O Champion)!!

Remember, like it or not, your French Bulldog is a long term commitment. You must be willing to make a provision for his future and there are no negatives either. Conscientious owners have been know to purchase insurance on the understanding that if anything happened to their pet, they would not have to worry about it. If you take the attitude that it can happen to you, and that you would have to insure the same by purchasing insurance, you are in for a nasty surprise in the long run.  I took my Frenchie with me to do a dot truck inspection and he got stuck between some gears.  So you never know when the worst can happen.I always insure my Frenchies as I know that if anything happened, I would have to insure it against dog predation etc., just as I would insure my house and my savings in case I lost money on an investments. If you take an attitude that your dog can’t possibly get seriously injured or that you are unwilling to insure your house, you are. Without going into too much detail, Frenchies, like all dogs, have issues that require an owner to be proactive and proactive. If you are one of those that does not consider the possibility that your dog might be seriously injured, one of your dogs may end up costing you a lot of money. This is especially the case if your dog required immediate care and you were not able to get him there in time. For those of you who have taken the time to consider this, thank goodness for that. Now for the really the important question – how do you prevent it?

The best prevention method we have found is gaining knowledge about the potential problems that we as dog owners may be prone to. In the case of this article, since you have likely seen pictures of dogs being hurt – or even have seen the news stories about dogs being killed – the method that we will present you has some really scary aspects. If you have a dog, it is your responsibility to do your research so that you can prevent this from happening to you. And by “to prevent it” we mean – “Don’t let it happen!”

So how do you prevent it? We will as well present you with some hard facts about dog seizures.

1. One of the symptoms of a seizure is when the animal loses consciousness and/or experiences a temporary orientation of its limbs.

2. Another symptom of a seizure is when the animal has a froth at the mouth.

3. The Other Symptoms of a Seizure are: although not complete list as per the American Veterinary Medical Association – additional symptoms include:

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Stem Cell Therapies For Dogs

stem cell therapy for canines


Traumatizing and degenerating diseases such as bowed tendons, ligament injuries, osteochondral defects or osteoarthritis can be now treated by regenerative medicine that uses adult stem-cells.

Stem cell use in veterinary medicine has proven to be successful and ongoing clinical trials by veterinary stem cell specialists continue to offer evidence of stem cell delivery technology and its potential as a valuable therapeutic for bone degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, lameness or tendinosis, to name a few.

Unlike adult stem-cells, the totipratulations cells that are derived from adult tissues of tissues such as bone marrow or tendon or ligament injury or tears, do not contain mature clumps or tissues. However, to ensure proper injection of the cells, they are injected into a pre-existing tissue sample.

Another important advantage of using adult stem cells is that they can be collected from the healthy adult animal without the need of using artificial gloves, syringes or masks.  One of the best facilities for stem cell use is the Sacramento Cell Replacement Center built by construction companies in Sacramento.

Benefits of Using adult Stem Cell Supplements

– While protecting the animals from infection and disease.- The cells can be collected at the time of injury or the time of inflammation.- It is a kind of insurance against the possibility of rejection of the cells.- It is a good alternative to inject into the injured area to avoid tissue loss or inflammatory tis.- The cells are easy to retrieve from the injured area- The cells can be collected from the injured area after de betting with name tissue.- It is a kind of insurance against the occurrence of rejection of the cells.

Advantages of Using adult Stem Cell Therapies

– The opportunity to fully support the healing process and the ability to reverse the process progression to allow for optimal efficacy.- It permits the ability to have a better understanding of the entire process which makes the veterinary surgeon better able to prescribe the most suitable method to treat the specific need met by the animal.- It will improve their [the pet owners] quality of life and that of the animal.- It is felt that the animal can lead a better quality of life than the typical treatments available.- The treatment aims to reduce the the incurred costs of therapy and the benefits that the pet gains from the procedure.- Once the animal exhibits a positive change in their health, it is possible to reverse the process and go back to a preventive or therapeutic surgery.- Before the animal is treated, a biopsy of the area revealed that they are well hydrated and there are no signs of inflammation or trauma on the tissue.

The use of adult stem cells is very important to the success of the treatment because these cells can be collected just by the skin removing hair that grows between the toes.

Types of Stem Cellotherapy

There are 4 distinctive types of adult stem cell therapies for dogs: predictable, immunotherapy rove hyper Light, immune heterocyclic and phymecosterassets.

predictable realizes the fact that a patient’s own bone marrow will act as a kind of an immune system to fight the cancer. Immunotherapy Rove hyper Light is the use of high doses of the younger treated bone marrow to stimulate an immune response.Phymec Steroids are usually the potent anti-inflammatory drugs and are usually prescribed when a patient’s own immune system is not working properly.

When trying to determine the right adult stem cell to use, the patient’s own bone marrow is the best barometer. In the event the patient’s own bone marrow is showing signs of low phasing or if the patient is shown to have increased levels of white blood cells, it is better to consider a treatment that uses another type of adult stem cell therapy to increase the effectiveness.

The downside to treating any animal with cancer is that the effects of the radiation exposure often pass. Therefore, even though the adult stem cells are ” foreigners”, they will still somehow be affected by the exposure to the cancer drugs used and by the side effects of those drugs. These side effects can include vomiting, nausea, and allergic conditions.

On the other hand, cryosurgery, brachycephalic surgery, immune homocyclic acid, tailescan and immunotherapy are procedures that are more directly related to the treatment of cancer in animals.

i. Cryosurgery, a procedure in which bone is removed, using a bag of cells or a nostril of blood from the patient as a model organism. This procedure can drastically reduce the number of injections given to the animal and generally has a rapid effect.ii. Brachycephalic surgery, a method of docking of the tail and combining the middle of the tibia into the erectus. This procedure should be considered only if other methods of tail docking have failed.iii. immunotherapy. This technique of fighting the disease by sensitizing the immune system to the agent used has shown remarkable results, particularly with skin cancer.iv.

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Looking for a Pet Hotel in the US – Here are the Best Ones

US Pet Hotel


Back then, pets were not allowed in hotels. So, pet owners had to leave their dogs or kitties at home when traveling to a far distance. However, many people don’t wish to part with their puppies. There have been many instances of heated arguments between pet owners and hoteliers. So, a large number of innovative hotel owners came up with the idea of allowing kitties and doggies. The move led to a surge in hotel booking. Today, many hoteliers ensure a pet-friendly atmosphere to please the four-legged guests. If you’re looking for a pet hotel in the US, you shall be happy with the varied choices. Here are the popular options

Pet hotel options that make the right choice

Today, you can find numerous hotels that allow you to accompany dogs or cats. However, not all of them live up to your expectations. Some hoteliers allow pets, but they don’t provide the much-sought pet-friendly environment. Your four-legged companion might get annoyed and push you to move out of the hotel. It’s advisable to check the best hotels that can meet your requirements on all points. Let’s check each pet hotel carefully.

The Line DC in Washington DC

If you want to book a hotel in Washington DC, The Line DC ought to be on your watch-list. Everything about this motel screams cool. The best part is the architecture features contemporary designs to please pet owners. From modern interiors to its fabulous pet policy, The Line DC stands vindicated in every respect.

You don’t have to pay any fees for your domestic animals. Also, there are no weight limits. Not to mention, you enjoy a hassle-free entry with your puppy. When you check in, you and your pet receive a warm welcome. Plus, the pet hotel provides all of the necessities for your kitties and doggies. Essentially, you feel at home at The Line DC, which is why it’s one of the favored choices of most US citizens.

The Liberty, Boston

Boston has numerous hotels that court cat and dog owners. However, The Liberty stands out in the crowd for its top of the line pet amenities. The hotel is a luxury collection that charges 100 dollars per night for pets. Despite the charges, it offers various competitive advantages over any pet hotel. For instance, it’s located near the Charles River Esplanade that dogs love.

Also, The Liberty has a very important pups program, and this includes a personalized dog bone and a dog bed. Even better, your pet enjoys a yappier (happier) hour on the in-house restaurant’s patio. It’s a hugely popular event among the locals, which lasts between 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm each Monday and Wednesday from May to October.

Calistoga Ranch, California

Located in the Napa Valley, the hotel is one of the preferred choices of dogs of all sizes. At 150 dollars per-day cost, it seems a bit higher on your pocket. However, the facilities and the atmosphere recoup the cost quickly. Plus, visitors may expect a welcome amenity full of gourmet goodies with a canine culinary menu at this popular pet hotel.

Brown rice toppled with braised short ribs is the specialty that your dog will like to cherish here. Book a couple of days with your puppy and toss Instagram reels of your stay. You can also explore hiking trails surrounding woodlands. Many folks have applauded Calistoga Ranch for its offerings, and you could be among these happy customers.

AWOL Massachusetts

Operated by Lark Hotels, it’s a 30-key inn that reserves five rooms for dogs. Whether you accompany a small puppy or a huge dog, the pet hotel houses everything your companion may need. From lip-licking delicacies to a cozy shelter, you can find all you need for your pet. While the owner could get overwhelmed by the architecture and the fire protection engineering, the dog will feel happy with favored amenities.

The reserved rooms are extremely hot, especially because AWOL is situated between the Principal Thoroughfare and Herring-Cove (pet-friendly) Beach. Despite the facilities, the hotel charges a small sum for your dog’s stay. You’ve to bear a measly sum of 35 dollars for each night’s dog stay.

The Aspen Resort, Colorado

The courteous hospitality of this lovely pet hotel extends to canines of all ages and breeds. You’ve the liberty to accompany a small puppy or a big dog. There are virtually no restrictions. On the contrary, The Aspen Resort welcomes your four-legged friend with utmost courtesy and compassion. Your pet enjoys a special canine service menu.

From simple delicacies to exclusive dishes, your pet will enjoy a myriad of items. Popular dishes include beef tenderloin and protein bowls of egg whites. You can play fetch outside the property or hike in the nearby trails. When it’s bedding time, dogs get a daily surprise to snooze in comfort on their personalized beds. However, the luxury comes at a cost of 75 dollars per stay along with 25 dollars per night.

The Pines Lodge, Colorado

It’s a new world for canines of all breeds. However, luxury gets redefined at this amazing hotel. Termed as Rocker Resort, the place is a haven for puppies of all sizes. Your companion may not feel lonely when you arrive at this wonderful pet hotel. Why? Many people bring their preferred pets here. So, your dog might find its friend while you enjoy your stay.

The Pines charges 50 dollars per dog per night. As part of the resort’s list, your domestic friends can go hiking in the nearby trails. They could also enjoy baths, blowouts, and massages at the partner spa. Not to mention, the rawhide bone amenity can delight your dog and make the treat remembered forever.

LA Peer Hotel in Los Angeles

Like other properties grouped in the Kimpton umbrella, this Los Angeles’ design-forward hotel graciously gives a warm welcome to pets of all shapes and sizes. If your dog fits through the door, you can reserve a place at this pet hotel without paying a fee. Pets could attend the early evening hour to get complimentary goodies.

In addition to foodies, La Peer presents a cozy atmosphere that makes your dog feel at home. So, you don’t have to bother much when booking a stay. Since the pet hotel is located in the vicinity of West Hollywood, you can take your dog for a long stroll. Here, your puppy might receive attention and compassion from pet-loving passerby all through the way.

Bobby Hotel, Tennessee

If you don’t want your dog to feel lonely at a pet hotel, consider booking a stay at Bobby Hotel in Nashville. Feel the warm hospitality when you meet Sasha, a younger shepherd mix from the local animal shelter along with the canine ambassador when you check in. However, pet companionship costs you 50 dollars per stay.

Like the ambassador, your pet should feel easy while wandering through the hotel. The patio at the cafe and the snazzy rooftop lounge are the key highlights. You can buy toys and treats in the mini-bar. Similarly, towels embossed with Sasha’s lovely face can be bought for 25 dollars. In brief, you enjoy a complete package for your dog at this amazing hotel.

Cypress Inn, California

Once owned by Doris Day, animal rights champion, Cypress Inn is a chic pet hotel to cherish. All guest rooms are decorated in a vintage style. So, the hotel makes a great choice for anyone who likes classical decor. You can accompany any domestic creature for a charge of 30 dollars per night. So, even folks with iguanas or pigs can visit Cypress Inn without leaving their four-legged companion somewhere else.

Hang with the two-legged or four-legged in the lounge, on the patio, or in the crackling fireplace in the library. You can also make friends during yappy hours from 4 pm to 6 pm right from Sundays to Thursdays in the Terry Lounge. Your dog can also roam at the adjacent Carmel Beach. If you’re on a visit in California, don’t forget to check Cypress Inn for a memorable stay.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel, California

In case you don’t want to pay for your pet, consider booking a room at Fairmont Hotel. It gives a warm welcome to pets of all ages without charging a single dime. What’s more astonishing is the fact that the pet hotel carries a name for hosting pet-friendly weddings. You can easily find amenities for the auspicious day here. Your stay gives you an opportunity to enjoy some of the sweetest memories of your life.

Besides celebrations, you may bask in the sun if you wish. How about taking long walks at Palisades Park? The best part of your stay at Fairmont is you may consider the – dog be with you – package. It includes daily breakfast, plush toys, a wonderful dog bed, and a welcoming amenity of all dog treats.

XV Beacon in Boston

If you live in Boston, why not take your dog to this lovely resort? It’s a popular pet hotel among the majority of residents. Even tourists prefer Beacon for its modern design and exclusive looks. The humble staff is ever-ready to lend a helping hand to your pet. From a doggie bed service to a plate of peanut butter delicacies, any dog can indulge in the good life here.

Once you’re at the hotel, order from the dog menu and hang around on the roof deck designed for guests and pets. A 25-dollars pet donation is recommended at this popular pet hotel. 100 percent of your donation goes to animal charities in the local area. You can also seek the off-leash dog area to wander in the neighboring Boston Common. No matter what you like, you can fulfill your desires here.

Westin Mission Hills, California

Today, a substantial number of people love to visit golf spots from time to time. Most of them have pets to look after. Often such people don’t get a chance to fulfill their desires. If you come in this category, consider booking your stay at Westin Mission Hills. It allows golfers to accompany dogs. Best of all, there’s no fee for pets weighing less than 50 pounds.

One most striking fact about this pet hotel is it just celebrated its 138th success story in the dog adoption program. Shelter dogs are termed ambassadors until hotel patrons adopt them. Traveling pooches can sleep in a dog bed and enjoy the food they cherish the most. Even better, your four-legged friend gets a 5-star welcome like a popular celebrity.

Four Seasons Hotel in New York

It’s a leading luxury name in the hotel industry. The no-fee policy of this pet hotel goes a long way in driving pet owners (from North America) to test their services. Usually, kitties and dogs (under 25 pounds) find their way here. The room service, on request, delivers complimentary treats. Whether you want to order food for yourself or your pet, the hotel has everything you want.

Plus, the concierge ensures walking services to the nearby Central Park. You can even seek a sitter so that you can concentrate on other chores without worrying about your pet. In case you’re planning a trip to New York with your domestic pet, consider the Four Seasons for comfort and style.

Virgin Hotels in Chicago

The pet hotel promises easy accessibility to the best green spaces as well as a pet-obsessed crowd. Just like its replica in San Francisco, Virgin Chicago eagerly waits for your check in. You can expect a slew of options here. From food bowls to a pet bed, you can order everything you want for your dog. A porcelain watchdog is placed outside your room, signaling do-not-disturb.

You also get to savor the seasonal yappy hour on Thursdays at Miss Ricky’s and “Puppies Who Lunch” menus are available from 7 am to 2.30 pm. Anything more special about this place? Yes, dog birthday parties are hosted in a legendary manner here.

Bottom line

Booking a pet hotel has become a new norm in the vacationing industry. This point holds for those who accompany puppies or kitties on their trips. Although many hoteliers cater to the needs of pet owners, some are better than others. Take a look at the above pet-friendly hotels in the United States. With handy info, you can easily make the best choice when planning a stay with your pet.

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Best Breeds of Dogs for a Farm

farm dog breeds


Farm dogs do more than just watch sleep – they are good at guarding, ratting, herding, and provide companionship. The best dogs blend in effectively with their charges, are attentive day and night, and defend livestock from predators. Are you looking for a farm dog for your rural homestead? Here is our quick guide on the best farm dogs.

But first things first.

What are the qualities of the best farm dogs?

If you have a small hobby farm, your dog should meet specific criteria.

  • It should guide goats and sheep without being too aggressive
  • Should be capable of guarding your house
  • Not interested in running off
  • Will not chase the chicken
  • Can spend quality time with friends after work

Best breeds of dogs for a farm

Golden retriever on a farm

Golden retriever

The golden retriever was originally bred as a hunting dog. But because of its intelligence and obedience, it excels well on the farm. The history of this farm dog dates back to the 19th century. However, it has been cross-bred with other breeds to become what it is today.

The golden retriever stands at 23-24 inches tall and can weigh up to 75 pounds. Also, these dogs have a thick undercoat, which makes them thrive in cold environments.

In terms of personality, the golden retriever is in its league. It’s gentle and has a well-mannered personality. It will bark at your sheep and will behave well when around chickens.

And because it has lots of energy, it excels well in most farm activities. Besides being a great hunting dog, it’s a friendly family companion. The life expectancy of this hunting dog is estimated to be around 12 years. If you’re looking for an easy training dog, the golden retriever is a good fit.

The Australian shepherd on a farm

The Australian shepherd

This dog breed helps shepherds work for a long time. Because of their unique personality, they do a great job of moving your herd from one pen to another. This dog farm is versatile, easy to train, and intelligent. Also, Aussies make a good family companion. If you want them to learn everything about your farm, you should train them early.

While there’s no clear information about the origin of the Australian Shepard, historians believe that the breed originated from Australia. Another theory states that the dog originated from Spain. While there is probably no truth in such statements, this dog breed has been working on American farms for centuries. Some of the characteristics of this dog breed include:

  • The outer coat has a wavy texture
  • The quantity of fur varies with the climate
  • Can be of a combination of colors like amber, hazel, or shades of brown
  • The coat coloring can be blue, black merle, or red
  • Can have white markings on the face, chest, and rear legs
  • The average weight is 50-60 pounds
  • The life expectancy is around 15 years
  • Requires occasional combing or grooming

If you’re interested in a daytime dog farm to follow you as you ride the horses, you can’t go wrong with this breed. Be sure to discuss health screening to ensure the dog is genetically sound. Injuries do happen around the farm, but for this breed, you should expect little vet care.

Aussies are very territorial, so if a stranger comes to your farm, he or she is likely to be bitten. The only downside with this dog breed is it has a high prey drive. Of course, you don’t want to leave it around your chickens.

The Great Pyrenees on a farm

The Great Pyrenees

Despite the widespread use as a family pet, The Great Pyrenees is designed to protect and calm livestock. If well trained, it will spend time with the sheep. It’s also a great farm dog for those trying to raise their livestock in the yard.

Initially, this dog used to live a solitary life. Also, it’s an independent thinker, so you don’t want to boss around the whole day. If there are any perceived threats, the dog will bark aggressively. It will climb and follow flocks up.

If your farm is in a somewhat urban area with many off-leash dogs, then this dog is a great choice. Keep in mind that this farm dog will often chase away intruders.

The Puli on a farm

The Puli

The Puli can work with the livestock the whole day – and will not chase chickens. Being a small breed, it may not be the best farm dog to go on a trail ride. Also, if you have large livestock they can easily get bored.

An adult will weigh about 25 pounds. These dogs also have V-shaped ears, flat back, round feet, and a domed skull. But its true defining feature is the soft undercoat. The curls are also waterproof.

Puli is friendly but can be harsh to strangers. And this is the reason why they are a great watchdog. Besides that, this farm dog is social with children. When it comes to care and maintenance, this breed will not demand a lot from the farmer. You just have to bathe the dog occasionally.

Puli is an intelligent dog that requires consistent training. If your farming activity is herding, this breed will enjoy agility when walking around the neighborhood.

Jack Russel Terrier on a farm

Jack Russel Terrier

While this may look like a small farm dog, it has a big personality. Jack Russel Terrier has lots of energy and is great for catching rodents on the farm. So, if you have some raccoons or mice, the dog will do a perfect job.

Just like other farm dogs, the Terrier is good with children. However, it will tolerate harassing or teasing, or any mistreatment. During puppy age, these dogs tend to be destructive, so you may want to be careful. This farm dog can be challenging to train, but there are many ways you can enjoy their intelligence.

Nevertheless, they like to spend a good day out and enjoy being in the company of their favorite person.

Jack Russel is an excellent farm dog because it considers rodents as prey. For this reason, you should avoid keeping it with guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, etc. Other reasons why you’ll love this dog include:

  • Minimal grooming needs
  • Few health problems
  • Endurance
  • Athleticism
  • Tenacity while at work
  • Tidy habits

The Standard Schnauzer on a farm

The Standard Schnauzer

This is the best breed for your backyard farm – it’s gentle, sociable, and trainable. Despite its decent size, this farm dog will not be pushed around the livestock. This dog will have some prey drive but will not harm your chicken.

The Schnauzer is hardworking and has a whiskered chin. Today, this breed can be trained for special skills like bomb-sniffing, and therapy. No matter the training you give the dog, you can be sure it will follow religiously. For successful training, you should introduce treats. Plus, you have to be very patient.

Another notable characteristic of the schnauzer is the double coat. The outer coat is rough to the touch, and this is what you need when going out there.

This farm dog is overprotective if it sees other dogs. If you have your family around, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids. They have a unique personality, especially if they know the kids from childhood.

The standard schnauzer is an energetic dog that likes to exercise for many hours a day. Therefore, you should introduce a mix of long walks, running, play sessions, and advance training.

Some of the specific concerns about this dog breed are:

  • The owner has to set boundaries
  • They can get destructive when bored
  • Socialization is critical
  • Their coats require regular brushing

The Australian cattle dog on a farm

The Australian cattle dog

The Australian cattle dog is known for driving cattle over long distances. Also, referred to as healers, the farm dog is the perfect candidate for every farmstead. This breed was used by Australian hunters to guard expansive ranches but they are still used as herding dogs. Because they can tolerate a lot of pain, dog owners should watch for signs of injuries. Don’t be surprised to find them in the care of rescue groups.

More interestingly, these canines need a lot of exercises, so you don’t want to keep them in confined places. And because they are territorial, the Cattle dogs can be a great watchdog. However, they will be fascinated by cats, squirrels, and other small animals. If you plan to raise the dog with other pets, you can be sure they will live peacefully.

In terms of adaptability, the Australian cattle dog has some unique characteristics. It has high sensitivity, tolerates being alone, and is great for any weather. The agility and obedience of this dog are unmatched. Other characteristics are:

  • Hard double coat
  • The coat color is blue
  • Muscular and athletic
  • Can weigh up to 50 pounds
  • A male can grow up to 20 inches high

Border collie on a farm

Border collie

The Border collie is arguably one of the finest shepherding dogs. It’s preferred by many farmers for the unique working ability rather than appearance. In addition to that, it can work independently so you don’t have a problem leaving it around your farm. They use their eyes to control the sheep and other livestock. Best of all, their ethic is incredibly strong.

It’s believed the first breed originated from England or Scotland. The farm dog features a soft coat that is smooth and wavy. An adult can measure 22 inches (height at the shoulder) and weigh up to 45 pounds. The breed can also live up to 25 years.

Looking at maintenance, you don’t expect to do too much. You need to control the shedding of hair and do regular brushing. Avoid bathing it regularly as this can remove the oils on the skin. His love of the outdoors is sentimental for any farm size.

Dachshund on a farm


Known for its unique badger hunting skills, the Dachshund is a must-have on your large farm. It’s commonly used by many farmers for the impressive catching skills for rabbits and prey. They are also great vermin catchers and make good watchdogs.

The farm dog enjoys running up and down the hills and can be helpful in sheep yards. Despite the small size, the Dachshund can get around at speed.

Dachshund is very selective in their hearing. But they are royal, intelligent, and brave. But one of their biggest strengths is that they know how to steal people’s hearts. And that’s why they can be a delightful addition to your family.

On the downside, this farm dog can be destructive. You’ll find it digging around the fence or getting into the kitchen coop. Don’t get mad if you find the dog in your vegetable patch.

The reason why you should give this little dog a thumbs up is that the legs are forced to do twice the other dogs do. Other characteristics you should keep in mind include:

  • Can weigh up to 32 pounds
  • Can grow up to 9-inches high
  • Has a long-haired coat
  • The colors can range between black, tan, chocolate, and more

Pembroke Welsh corgi

Pembroke Welsh corgi

This is arguably the shortest herding breed known. It gained popularity after being associated with Queen Elizabeth 2. Originally, this bread was used to keep free-range chickens, geese, and ducks.

These dogs are smart and will do the tedious of looking after your farm cattle a breeze. Also, they are prolific alert barkers and can be a bit wary of strangers. They also have an incredible nose to detect diesel fuel and diesel parts. But you can stop any unusual barking by training it to do it only when there’s an impending danger.

That’s not all – the dog will keep your farmyard away from predators. If it sees a challenge, he calls for help.

Even if your corgi is not trained, it will enjoy the joy of being around your cattle.

The physical characteristics of this breed are black coat, with white and sable markings. On the other hand, the ears are erect pointy while the tail is pointy. It weighs about 40 pounds and can grow up to 12 inches.

Historically, the dogs were used in wales to graze with livestock. And because it enjoys the company of the owner, this is the best dog to have around your farm. To ensure your farm dog remains in tip-top shape, regular grooming is a must – it helps remove the mats and dead hair.

Despite the few drawbacks, the unwavering support of this dog to your farm is unmatched.

Now you know the best farm dog. If you bring the above breeds to your farm, they will be worth the time.

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Why Finches Make Wonderful Pets

Gouldian Finch


Why finches make wonderful pets? With a lively personality, finches keep themselves busy. These birds grow up to a maximum length of twenty centimeters. Though finches are small in size, they catch the attention of the people with their vibrant and lively nature. The practice of keeping these bird species as pets is not a new custom. Several people have been keeping these birds as pets for many years.

These beautiful birds have an inherent ability to make the life of the pet owner more entertaining and delightful. Maintenance does not become a serious source of concern when you have finches as pets. The lifespan of these birds is in between five and 10 years. Finches don’t need a lot of space to thrive. You can keep them in small apartments. With proper care and attention, these birds lead a long and healthy life.

Learn some vital things about finches

– Finches can be classified as softbills

– Many people also classify finches as waxbills or hardbills

– Finches thrive better as small flocks

– These birds are equipped with stout conical bills suitable to eat eating nuts and seeds fast

– Finches belong to the family of Fringillidae

Now let us focus on the question, why finches make wonderful pets?’ Here are the most important reasons that make finches good pets:

The intelligence levels of this bird are high

Generally speaking, birds have higher intelligence compared to other animals. A finch is an intelligent bird and learns things fast. The natural inquisitiveness of this bird makes them one of the highly favored pet birds. As a finch keeps developing a bond with you, it learns from you continuously about your behavior. This type of bird is extremely good at showing human-like antics.

It is a fact that finches navigate thousands of miles to migrate. What does this aspect suggest? It clearly indicates that these birds excellent problem solvers. Cognitive and problem-solving skills are always considered as two components of high intelligence. That is to say, you can always associate a high degree of intelligence with finches. So, these birds learn things faster and make excellent pets.

Only minimal grooming is needed

You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort to groom these birds. With an inherent ability to interact with human beings, they adapt to a news situation fast. Most types of birds are naturally hygienic creatures. A finch is no different. Preening the feathers daily, this bird makes dedicated efforts to keep the feathers clean and shiny.

You don’t have to spend time cleaning feathers using shampoos. Don’t worry about flea baths. There are no costly haircuts needed. With the help of easy nail trimming and feather clipping, you can keep this bird clean and healthy. Finches only need a light shower in non-chlorinated water once a week.

High suitability for stay-at-home families

Finches love to flock together. In other words, finches want the presence of their companions at all times. Just like a human being, a finch always looks out for a companion or friend. Many of these birds talk and play with you. Some of them are capable of singing to you. If you are prepared to spend time with a bird when it is out of the cage, you can make it sociable fast.

If you keep a dog as a pet, he/she always keeps roaming around and often stays unattended even in your home. You don’t have to worry about this issue when you keep finches as pets. You can take care of them easily. These birds can be put inside a cage whenever you want. Many bird pet owners place the birds inside the cages for safety when they are busy or at work.

Cost-efficient feeding

Birds, especially, finch birds eat only a small portion of food daily. The quantity is considerably lower than the food needed for other types of pets. Further, you can associate high cost0efficiency with top-quality bird foods. It is because of the fact that even the highest-quality food and fresh produce required for finches are primarily plant-based foods. Compared to the price of protein foods needed for dogs and cats, the prices of bird foods are extremely cheaper.

When it comes to offering food for a finch, you must opt for a high-quality diet of pre-cleaned fresh produce, seeds, and pelleted food. You can give them vegetables and fruits that you buy for yourself. Whenever you buy fruits and vegetables, you can keep a portion for finches. What does it suggest? You don’t have to buy specially created pet foods every time to keep the birds healthy. The pet owners and birds can eat together as a flock. So, you don’t have to worry about any over-preparation pet food that results in undesirable food wastage. All of these aspects help you save a lot of money in the long run.

A finch always loves to eat the end pieces of most vegetables and fruits. You can easily find a lot of these pieces on the kitchen counter or in the refrigerator. It is a smart step to add the normally discarded raw bits of vegetables and fruits to the diet of your finches. With these foods, you can offer the birds much-needed nutrients and variety as well. One important thing you need to remember is that the foods you give are non-toxic and safe for birds.

Appreciable socialization skills

If you provide proper training, you can improve the socialization skills of a finch considerably. You can make this bird as lovable as a cat or dog. Frequent interactions and the right training methods develop an insuperable relationship between a bird and owner. Some of the well-trained finches accompany their owners on routine tasks like trips to the mall or bank. You should not take your bird along with you in colder climates. Since these birds at very good at mimicking sounds and gestures, you can easily teach them simple tasks and tricks to keep you entertained.

A finch is always capable of recognizing its owner. It can also identify the cage and toys easily. Some finches sit on the shoulder of the owner to suggest that dinner time is up. The key to improving the socialization skills of this bird is to spend more time with it outside of the cage. This method of approach results in improved interactions and creative responses.

If you have a job that keeps you out of your house for a long period, you must consider buying a second companion for your finch. Since finches prefer to have a companion, you don’t need to worry about any fighting issues.

three finches

Adjust well to houses or apartments with space restrictions

A finch is a small bird. It doesn’t need a large space to move around. No matter whether you live in an apartment or condo with limited space, you can keep a finch with effortless ease and comfort. Space restrictions may not allow you to keep larger pets, especially dogs. Large breed dogs need to have a lot of space to romp and play. A finch cage easily fits into a small apartment or any other living area with space limitations.

Several landlords often charge monthly pet fees from tenants who own dogs and cats. You don’t have to worry about such a fee when you have a pet bird. Most of the landlords don’t consider a bird as a pet. However, you must read the terms and conditions of the lease agreement carefully. This approach lets you know whether keeping a bird is an economical option or not.

As a tenant, you should be careful about the potential sound level of your finches. When you bring these birds to a home that is close to another home, this aspect becomes highly relevant. If your neighbors complain about the sounds of your birds at odd hours, you are most likely to get a warning from your landlord.

Finches have a reasonably good lifespan

The average lifespan of healthy finches is around 11 years. Most pet owners are not interested in keeping animals or birds with a low lifespan. Owning a pet is a pleasurable experience. On the contrary, losing a pet is a painful experience. Finches have a reasonably good lifespan compared to many other pet birds. So, these birds are a good choice as pets. Pet lovers always want to buy birds with an enhanced lifespan so that they can love and enjoy the company for a very long time.

Important factors to remember while adopting a finch

If you are planning to have finches as pets, you should be mindful of a few important aspects. It is not wise to head to a local pet shop immediately to buy birds. You should have a clear idea about these birds before the purchase. Better awareness about these birds let you nurture them more efficiently.

– Finches don’t necessarily need human interaction

– You don’t need to force finches into social behavior

– They always look for a partner

– There should be enough space in the cage to promote free movement

– It is always advisable to offer a finch a cage with a natural environment

– Keep the cage out of a draft

– You can build a wooden cage to blend in with the existing décor of your living room

Study the dietary needs of finches carefully

When it comes to buying finches, you must have a clear idea about the dietary requirements. Many people keep feeding only seeds to these birds. You must realize the fact that a finch also loves to eat a bit of cuttlebone, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables, and little fruits. When you offer these types of foods along with seeds, you are adding variety and color and to the diets of these birds. This approach leads to an improved life expectancy of a finch.

Keep a bowl of water inside the finch cage

A finch likes to play around in a small vessel or bowl of cool water, especially during the summer season. So, you should keep a bowl of water on the cage bottom. Cleaning the cage regularly is a must. You can use fresh water to clean the finch cage. The food particles must be cleaned and removed thoroughly.

gouldian finches

A lot of training and handling are needed to touch finches

You can describe finches as highly sociable bird species by nature. You don’t have to force to behave properly. Without showing any aggression, finches interact with human beings naturally. These birds also don’t show any aggression towards children or other pets. If you want to touch a finch, you need to focus continuous pet handling. As you keep touching and handling these birds, they will get used to physical contact with human beings.

Stressful environments keep a finch disturbed

Finches don’t respond well to stressful environments. These birds cannot adjust well if there are constantly barking dogs in your home. Some children often poke their fingers into a finch cage. This act makes them irritated. Therefore, you must tell children and other people not to frustrate the bird with unwanted gestures and actions. That is to say, you must avoid situations that cause stress and fear in the birds.

Some people buy finches for sale before start learning about their behavior and dietary requirements. If you want to be a responsible pet bird owner, you must do your research before heading to a bird shop. As mentioned above, finches are cute and beautiful birds. If you take care of them properly, they grow up as healthy and smart birds and bring life and energy to your home. Learn about this bird as much as you can before buying one.

If you face space restrictions, you should not purchase a large number of birds. A pair of birds would be the ideal choice in such a situation. If you have enough space, sufficient funds, and no restrictions on mobility, you can buy any number of finches and keep them as pets. These birds make perfect companions for children and senior citizens. A pet-less household can certainly consider buying these birds as pets.