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Best Hotels in the US for Pets

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Pet owners all over the world need a place to stay that can handle and accept there furry or otherwise friends. It can be kind of tough trying to find a decent pet friendly hotel, and we know how stressful it can get, so in just a few moments, were gonna give you a convenient compiled list of all the best ones, just so you don’t have to leave behind your family pets. I mean, pets are a part of the family, why wouldn’t you want to take them with you on the family vacation?

When planning your awesome vacation, and you’re looking for a hotel, your gonna need to find the right sort of place, it needs to have a standard that you would be fine with when you leave your pet there. You need to find a place that is safe, comfortable, smart, and convenient.

When you do go and look around, your gonna need to look at some of the hotels key features to figure out if it’s the right place for the family. There are a few significant ones that were gonna let you know about really quick.

You need to know if a pet is allowed to be left alone in your hotel room. If you go out and have some fun that may not be suitable for your pet, then your gonna have to leave them in the care of your room, and not all hotels, some pet friendly ones too, do really like that, So, figure out if your allowed to do that, and make sure that you know the rules that go with it if they do end up allowing it.

Make sure you know the pet friendly places. I’ve been to a few hotels where they’ve actually split the place in half, one side is for pet owner, smokers sometimes, and the other is the ones without pets. There are some places that have specialized areas for your dogs to do their business and may not want you to do it in another area. You just have to figure out where and when you can do things with your pets, in the long run its gonna be really good to know.

Last, but certainly not the least, is that you have to know if there is any kind of fee or weight limit when you bring your furry, or otherwise, friend. You need to know how much its gonna cost you on top of the room. You need to know how big the deposit is, is the fees are by weight of the pet, the nights you stay, general stay, etc. So, get your finances in order and figure out how much you’re gonna have to pay.

Now, finally, after letting you know all that important stuff, it’s time for the reason you’re here. You need to find a place for your family, all of your family, and that includes your furry, or otherwise friends. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. For your convenience, here is a compiled list of all the best hotels in the united states of America for pets.

Hotel Columbia

 Located right smack dab in Telluride, Colorado is the pet friendly hotel, Hotel Columbia. This one is first up on the list because it is one of the absolute best vacation spots, and one of the most accommodating towards pets.

It is a ski resort during the colder part of the year, and a great place to hike during the warmer months of the year. Conveniently for humans, the hotel is located right across from the street that will take you up the mountain, so if you’re planning to ski, snowboard, or hike down the mountain, then that it is very good to know.

Every room comes equipped with rustic style furnishings, plush, good looking, comfortable linens, and something that is awesome during the winter and fall, a fireplace or two.

Hotel Columbia is pet friendly but seems to be more targeted towards dogs than any other kind of pet, though they do accept a wide variety, so your cats, lizards, and birds are welcome, just make sure you figure out the rules what you can specifically bring, like we said above.

The staff love dogs, and always welcome them with a surprising amount of enthusiasm. Something that’s really fun for your pups is that they get their own dog beds, and delicious jerky treats.

Now, the best thing about this pet friendly hotel is the fact that they have hiking trails that are equipped for dog friendly people. Both of the trails you can take your furry friend on are only a hop, jump, and a skip away from the hotel, just a few minutes from the lobby really.

Lastly, if you need anything pet oriented or otherwise, a concierge can direct you to any kind of groomer, pet shops, local essentials, fun things to do, restaurants, etc.

 Nick’s Cove

Moving onto the golden state, located in Marshall, California is Nick’s Cove Cottages, and this one is another one that adores dogs. This is also one of the best on the list because it’s the most historic out of this list.

On the shores of the Tomales Bay, just around 60 miles from the famous San Francisco is a congregation of beautifully rustic looking cottages. It’s extremely historic and a great place to play with your pup on the giant beaches that it located on. There is also a backyard fireplace for you to snuggle up with your pets and make smores.

On the inside of the hotel is a bunch of strange, but very amazing amenities. You can have Merlot Wine delivered to your room, as the hotel has a partnership of some sort with a local winery. Most of the rooms come equipped with a kitchen for you to make some home cooked meals with, when your away from home, how fun.

There is also an onsite restaurant that primarily serves food using herbs and vegetables from its local hillside farm, making it a very authentic meal indeed.

There are also tons of fun and convenient amenities that are for your pup or other pets. They have house baked treats, which all dogs adore, and they have some fun treats for non-dog pets as well. They have these fun little pet towels to make sure your friend is clean and healthy. If you ask for it, they can also provide a trail map for you and your pups.

Now, there is a downside to this awesome hotel, it has all the amazing amenities and luxury that you can ask for, comfortable rooms, delicious food, and tons of fun with your furry friends. The downside though is that it is the most expensive on the list, with $365 a night minimum, and $875 at most. If you have the money to get a room here on an amazing trip to California, then it is definitely worth it.

The Bobby Hotel

 This hotel is one of my favorites on the list, because I’m kind of on the side of not splurging, and the Bobby Hotel is one of the cheaper ones. That’s not to say that it’s not averages for a hotel, but it is cheaper than the others we compiled here. The price at most you’ll be spending for a room for a night is only $389, and at least $212, which is pretty amazing.

Moving on from that amazing price, is its location, the Bobby hotel is right in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee, the land of country music and Nashville Recycling. It’s a hip, stylish kind of place, in downtown, and lets pets mostly everywhere on the property, again make sure to find out the places that they can’t go, don’t want your pet to get into any trouble. Oh, and to bring up the price again, the Bobby Hotel doesn’t have a pet fee, which is just amazing.

What’s really special about this place is that they have something called a “pet ambassador,” and her name is Sasha, she is on hand and ready to greet guests when they come in through the door, your pets are going to love her. The hotel, with the help of Sasha can let you know everything that your gonna want to know about when you have your pets with you. They can also let you know what places around town let pets in, which is really nice to have an insider’s view of things.

There is a rooftop lounge, right on the roof, as it is accordingly named, and pets are allowed up there, which is just amazing. There and through other places spotted around the hotel, you can get some food for you and your furry friend, and if you want to eat in and get something there, your pet can choose a treat or a toy from a very well stocked mini bar. It’s all just grand at the Bobby Hotel and is personally the one I would choose to go and stay at, what with its great area, full of fun and good food, and it’s great for my own pet, who would also have tons of fun along the way.

The Line LA

Here’s another just amazing hotel for you to look at, and it’s so amazing because of its price, like the Bobby Hotel, this one is also very cheap compared to the others on the list. The most you’ll spend on a room is $324 a night and at minimum you’ll be paying $185 for a night, which is great as that saves you a bit of cash for you to use on the town. Also, another fun little tid bit about the price, again like the Bobby Hotel, it has no pet fee, your pet is completely welcome to come, and they will keep the doors wide open for you guys.

Both dogs and cats are welcome to the Line LA, and even better is that they have no weight limit, no matter how big your pup or cat is, they are gonna be just fine, even if there the size of a motorcycle.

The front desk service is also just so happy to help you with whatever fun activities you want to do with your pets. They can help you find some parks to play at, some nice long trails for you guys to walk, and they can even help you find some of the best pet friendly restaurants around Los Angeles.

Now, a little about the hotel itself. It can really only be described as cool. It’s vibe just exudes a calm serene cool for all guests to enjoy, with its chic furniture and décor it won’t be hard for you and your pets to feel right at home.



 So, that was our list of the best pet friendly hotels in the world, and the things that you’ll want to know about before you head out on your vacation. We took a look at some of the best that the United States has to offer, and we sure hope that you found some use from this conveniently compiled list of pet friendly hotels around America. They were all amazing, and we hope you enjoy your stay if you end up choosing to head to one based on our suggestion, and we hope that you have an amazing vacation even if you decided on some other amazing place to stay, whatever you decide, you and your pets are going to have a blast.

We took a look at Hotel Columbia, Nick’s Cove, The Bobby Hotel, and The Line LA, all of which are amazing in their own right and offer something special in their own ways. Some of them where cheaper than the others and some of them were a little fancier, but all of them where pet friendly and super welcoming. You’ll be hard pressed to find any hotels that where as amazing as these few and pet friendly as well.