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Your Dog’s Lack of Contribution to Dog Training

dog training basics


In dog training, if you want to improve your dog’s behavior, it is best to start training them from young. Before you adopt a puppy train him good behavior. If you do the wrong thing, your puppy will never know the right from wrong behavior. For starters, you will need to start training your puppy right away. This is to let your puppy know that you are his boss and you will not accept such behavior. Dog training is all about discipline and right from wrong. Although training your dog is not easy, but you can make it easier on yourself.

If you do not train your puppy, chances are, he may become difficult to live with in the future. Puppies are easy to train compared to older dogs. There are several ways to get the dog trained. The latest trend is positive training. With positive training, the owner or trainer, instead of punishing the dog, gives rewards, like treats, for good or right behavior. By doing so your dog will learn that he is rewarded if he behaves well. Dogs are animals after all.

If you do the wrong thing to your dog, like spanking or whipping him, you may cause him to be scared of you. Your dog can easily transfer his fear from you to someone else, especially if you constantly beat him. That’s why you should avoid doing such things. If you dominate a dog, he will become scared of you and maybe even develop a strange aggressive behavior. Dogs, like humans, love to be loved. If you become his master, the dog will love you.

Dogs are fun to train, especially if you are the one doing the training. If you do the training yourself, you will realize that it does not take more than 10 to 20 minutes per day to train your dog using the latest techniques. Training a dog does not have to be a tiring activity. Remember, that dogs are animals and they will easily get the hang of what you teach them in just a few days. Soon, your dog will respond to your commands making both of you happy.

If you want to train your dog, the best way to start is by taking him to dog training classes. This is because it is much easier to train a dog if you train him at home. If you take your dog to obedience classes, he might be so distracted by the other dogs that he will not listen to your commands. In Philadelphia, a close friend who runs a Philly interior designers firm told me about dog obedience classes in her building.  Obedience classes are also good because it helps build social skills. Just like kids, puppies learn best through social interactions.

Expect puppies to be rowdy and energetic at first, so it is wise to have lots of patience. The old saying “give the dog a bad name” might be a good tip, because dogs can be easily provoked and may become aggressive if they are looked down upon or mistreated. If you’ve got the patience and the time, it is best to give training to your dog personally.

One essential thing you and your dog need to learn is how to take a command. Your dog must know how to respond when you order him or her. Barking or growling at the wrong time is a common behavior for dogs to do. Your dog must know when to bark and when not to.

It may be necessary for you to reinforce your dog’s good behavior. Rewarding your dog’s good behavior is a part of training your dog. It is normally easy to notice every little step your dog takes. There are times when you must show your patience too. If you’re feeding your dog, make sure he only eats on your command. It may take a while before he fully understands the things he needs to do, but with patience and proper training, he will eventually understand.

Training a dog takes devotion, consistency and patience. Training your dog can be great experience as long as you have all these qualities. Remember, the most important thing is to love and care for you dog. Don’t give up and enjoy each another!