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The question of supplements for dogs is often put to you as a question of cost. I know that you love your pet and that you are prepared to spend a small fortune for the best care. Some animals manage to survive without any intervention from their owners. Many others, unfortunately, pass away due to untimely death. Dogs are no exception.

Normally I would suggest that you consult your Vet who would be most qualified to give you some advice on what is good and what is not.

When you want to give your dog a new supplement to see if there have been any changes after a period of 2 to 4 weeks, make sure you wait a minimum of fourteen days after the prescription has been dispensed. This will give you adequate time to investigate the effects of the supplement on your dog and also give you a good opportunity to evaluate your strategy and begin improving his health again.

In some cases a vet may suggest that supplementary treatment be done via injection, which for me is always elective. I do not always agree with this approach as I view it as dangerous and as an owner I would much rather he recommend that your dog is treated for the condition when the actual problem is eliminated.

Many supplements are contraindicated for dogs, as they are considered a special case and have a different set of rules that apply to them. The general advice is that they are not to take any supplement other than glucosamine as this will not damaged by heat metabolism. The most important minerals other than glucosamine are calcium and phosphorus, they form the bulk of muscle and cartilage. A great idea is to go phosphorus containing vitamins such as Beef, Liver and others that specifically target this area. If you are feeding your dog a diet that is high in meat, make sure that he is getting a quality dog food as this is very important and will help to balanced out his diet. A reduced fat diet is also crucial as this will help to trim down the fat over a period of time and will result in a reduction in the instances of dog obesity.

There are other important vitamins and minerals that are a vital part of your dog’s balanced diet.

Lastly, the best supplement for your dog if he needs one is one that has docosa healing procedures. This is as it sounds in English – Dry Skin (O Champion)!!

Remember, like it or not, your French Bulldog is a long term commitment. You must be willing to make a provision for his future and there are no negatives either. Conscientious owners have been know to purchase insurance on the understanding that if anything happened to their pet, they would not have to worry about it. If you take the attitude that it can happen to you, and that you would have to insure the same by purchasing insurance, you are in for a nasty surprise in the long run.  I took my Frenchie with me to do a dot truck inspection and he got stuck between some gears.  So you never know when the worst can happen.I always insure my Frenchies as I know that if anything happened, I would have to insure it against dog predation etc., just as I would insure my house and my savings in case I lost money on an investments. If you take an attitude that your dog can’t possibly get seriously injured or that you are unwilling to insure your house, you are. Without going into too much detail, Frenchies, like all dogs, have issues that require an owner to be proactive and proactive. If you are one of those that does not consider the possibility that your dog might be seriously injured, one of your dogs may end up costing you a lot of money. This is especially the case if your dog required immediate care and you were not able to get him there in time. For those of you who have taken the time to consider this, thank goodness for that. Now for the really the important question – how do you prevent it?

The best prevention method we have found is gaining knowledge about the potential problems that we as dog owners may be prone to. In the case of this article, since you have likely seen pictures of dogs being hurt – or even have seen the news stories about dogs being killed – the method that we will present you has some really scary aspects. If you have a dog, it is your responsibility to do your research so that you can prevent this from happening to you. And by “to prevent it” we mean – “Don’t let it happen!”

So how do you prevent it? We will as well present you with some hard facts about dog seizures.

1. One of the symptoms of a seizure is when the animal loses consciousness and/or experiences a temporary orientation of its limbs.

2. Another symptom of a seizure is when the animal has a froth at the mouth.

3. The Other Symptoms of a Seizure are: although not complete list as per the American Veterinary Medical Association – additional symptoms include: