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Looking for a Pet Hotel in the US – Here are the Best Ones

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Back then, pets were not allowed in hotels. So, pet owners had to leave their dogs or kitties at home when traveling to a far distance. However, many people don’t wish to part with their puppies. There have been many instances of heated arguments between pet owners and hoteliers. So, a large number of innovative hotel owners came up with the idea of allowing kitties and doggies. The move led to a surge in hotel booking. Today, many hoteliers ensure a pet-friendly atmosphere to please the four-legged guests. If you’re looking for a pet hotel in the US, you shall be happy with the varied choices. Here are the popular options

Pet hotel options that make the right choice

Today, you can find numerous hotels that allow you to accompany dogs or cats. However, not all of them live up to your expectations. Some hoteliers allow pets, but they don’t provide the much-sought pet-friendly environment. Your four-legged companion might get annoyed and push you to move out of the hotel. It’s advisable to check the best hotels that can meet your requirements on all points. Let’s check each pet hotel carefully.

The Line DC in Washington DC

If you want to book a hotel in Washington DC, The Line DC ought to be on your watch-list. Everything about this motel screams cool. The best part is the architecture features contemporary designs to please pet owners. From modern interiors to its fabulous pet policy, The Line DC stands vindicated in every respect.

You don’t have to pay any fees for your domestic animals. Also, there are no weight limits. Not to mention, you enjoy a hassle-free entry with your puppy. When you check in, you and your pet receive a warm welcome. Plus, the pet hotel provides all of the necessities for your kitties and doggies. Essentially, you feel at home at The Line DC, which is why it’s one of the favored choices of most US citizens.

The Liberty, Boston

Boston has numerous hotels that court cat and dog owners. However, The Liberty stands out in the crowd for its top of the line pet amenities. The hotel is a luxury collection that charges 100 dollars per night for pets. Despite the charges, it offers various competitive advantages over any pet hotel. For instance, it’s located near the Charles River Esplanade that dogs love.

Also, The Liberty has a very important pups program, and this includes a personalized dog bone and a dog bed. Even better, your pet enjoys a yappier (happier) hour on the in-house restaurant’s patio. It’s a hugely popular event among the locals, which lasts between 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm each Monday and Wednesday from May to October.

Calistoga Ranch, California

Located in the Napa Valley, the hotel is one of the preferred choices of dogs of all sizes. At 150 dollars per-day cost, it seems a bit higher on your pocket. However, the facilities and the atmosphere recoup the cost quickly. Plus, visitors may expect a welcome amenity full of gourmet goodies with a canine culinary menu at this popular pet hotel.

Brown rice toppled with braised short ribs is the specialty that your dog will like to cherish here. Book a couple of days with your puppy and toss Instagram reels of your stay. You can also explore hiking trails surrounding woodlands. Many folks have applauded Calistoga Ranch for its offerings, and you could be among these happy customers.

AWOL Massachusetts

Operated by Lark Hotels, it’s a 30-key inn that reserves five rooms for dogs. Whether you accompany a small puppy or a huge dog, the pet hotel houses everything your companion may need. From lip-licking delicacies to a cozy shelter, you can find all you need for your pet. While the owner could get overwhelmed by the architecture and the fire protection engineering, the dog will feel happy with favored amenities.

The reserved rooms are extremely hot, especially because AWOL is situated between the Principal Thoroughfare and Herring-Cove (pet-friendly) Beach. Despite the facilities, the hotel charges a small sum for your dog’s stay. You’ve to bear a measly sum of 35 dollars for each night’s dog stay.

The Aspen Resort, Colorado

The courteous hospitality of this lovely pet hotel extends to canines of all ages and breeds. You’ve the liberty to accompany a small puppy or a big dog. There are virtually no restrictions. On the contrary, The Aspen Resort welcomes your four-legged friend with utmost courtesy and compassion. Your pet enjoys a special canine service menu.

From simple delicacies to exclusive dishes, your pet will enjoy a myriad of items. Popular dishes include beef tenderloin and protein bowls of egg whites. You can play fetch outside the property or hike in the nearby trails. When it’s bedding time, dogs get a daily surprise to snooze in comfort on their personalized beds. However, the luxury comes at a cost of 75 dollars per stay along with 25 dollars per night.

The Pines Lodge, Colorado

It’s a new world for canines of all breeds. However, luxury gets redefined at this amazing hotel. Termed as Rocker Resort, the place is a haven for puppies of all sizes. Your companion may not feel lonely when you arrive at this wonderful pet hotel. Why? Many people bring their preferred pets here. So, your dog might find its friend while you enjoy your stay.

The Pines charges 50 dollars per dog per night. As part of the resort’s list, your domestic friends can go hiking in the nearby trails. They could also enjoy baths, blowouts, and massages at the partner spa. Not to mention, the rawhide bone amenity can delight your dog and make the treat remembered forever.

LA Peer Hotel in Los Angeles

Like other properties grouped in the Kimpton umbrella, this Los Angeles’ design-forward hotel graciously gives a warm welcome to pets of all shapes and sizes. If your dog fits through the door, you can reserve a place at this pet hotel without paying a fee. Pets could attend the early evening hour to get complimentary goodies.

In addition to foodies, La Peer presents a cozy atmosphere that makes your dog feel at home. So, you don’t have to bother much when booking a stay. Since the pet hotel is located in the vicinity of West Hollywood, you can take your dog for a long stroll. Here, your puppy might receive attention and compassion from pet-loving passerby all through the way.

Bobby Hotel, Tennessee

If you don’t want your dog to feel lonely at a pet hotel, consider booking a stay at Bobby Hotel in Nashville. Feel the warm hospitality when you meet Sasha, a younger shepherd mix from the local animal shelter along with the canine ambassador when you check in. However, pet companionship costs you 50 dollars per stay.

Like the ambassador, your pet should feel easy while wandering through the hotel. The patio at the cafe and the snazzy rooftop lounge are the key highlights. You can buy toys and treats in the mini-bar. Similarly, towels embossed with Sasha’s lovely face can be bought for 25 dollars. In brief, you enjoy a complete package for your dog at this amazing hotel.

Cypress Inn, California

Once owned by Doris Day, animal rights champion, Cypress Inn is a chic pet hotel to cherish. All guest rooms are decorated in a vintage style. So, the hotel makes a great choice for anyone who likes classical decor. You can accompany any domestic creature for a charge of 30 dollars per night. So, even folks with iguanas or pigs can visit Cypress Inn without leaving their four-legged companion somewhere else.

Hang with the two-legged or four-legged in the lounge, on the patio, or in the crackling fireplace in the library. You can also make friends during yappy hours from 4 pm to 6 pm right from Sundays to Thursdays in the Terry Lounge. Your dog can also roam at the adjacent Carmel Beach. If you’re on a visit in California, don’t forget to check Cypress Inn for a memorable stay.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel, California

In case you don’t want to pay for your pet, consider booking a room at Fairmont Hotel. It gives a warm welcome to pets of all ages without charging a single dime. What’s more astonishing is the fact that the pet hotel carries a name for hosting pet-friendly weddings. You can easily find amenities for the auspicious day here. Your stay gives you an opportunity to enjoy some of the sweetest memories of your life.

Besides celebrations, you may bask in the sun if you wish. How about taking long walks at Palisades Park? The best part of your stay at Fairmont is you may consider the – dog be with you – package. It includes daily breakfast, plush toys, a wonderful dog bed, and a welcoming amenity of all dog treats.

XV Beacon in Boston

If you live in Boston, why not take your dog to this lovely resort? It’s a popular pet hotel among the majority of residents. Even tourists prefer Beacon for its modern design and exclusive looks. The humble staff is ever-ready to lend a helping hand to your pet. From a doggie bed service to a plate of peanut butter delicacies, any dog can indulge in the good life here.

Once you’re at the hotel, order from the dog menu and hang around on the roof deck designed for guests and pets. A 25-dollars pet donation is recommended at this popular pet hotel. 100 percent of your donation goes to animal charities in the local area. You can also seek the off-leash dog area to wander in the neighboring Boston Common. No matter what you like, you can fulfill your desires here.

Westin Mission Hills, California

Today, a substantial number of people love to visit golf spots from time to time. Most of them have pets to look after. Often such people don’t get a chance to fulfill their desires. If you come in this category, consider booking your stay at Westin Mission Hills. It allows golfers to accompany dogs. Best of all, there’s no fee for pets weighing less than 50 pounds.

One most striking fact about this pet hotel is it just celebrated its 138th success story in the dog adoption program. Shelter dogs are termed ambassadors until hotel patrons adopt them. Traveling pooches can sleep in a dog bed and enjoy the food they cherish the most. Even better, your four-legged friend gets a 5-star welcome like a popular celebrity.

Four Seasons Hotel in New York

It’s a leading luxury name in the hotel industry. The no-fee policy of this pet hotel goes a long way in driving pet owners (from North America) to test their services. Usually, kitties and dogs (under 25 pounds) find their way here. The room service, on request, delivers complimentary treats. Whether you want to order food for yourself or your pet, the hotel has everything you want.

Plus, the concierge ensures walking services to the nearby Central Park. You can even seek a sitter so that you can concentrate on other chores without worrying about your pet. In case you’re planning a trip to New York with your domestic pet, consider the Four Seasons for comfort and style.

Virgin Hotels in Chicago

The pet hotel promises easy accessibility to the best green spaces as well as a pet-obsessed crowd. Just like its replica in San Francisco, Virgin Chicago eagerly waits for your check in. You can expect a slew of options here. From food bowls to a pet bed, you can order everything you want for your dog. A porcelain watchdog is placed outside your room, signaling do-not-disturb.

You also get to savor the seasonal yappy hour on Thursdays at Miss Ricky’s and “Puppies Who Lunch” menus are available from 7 am to 2.30 pm. Anything more special about this place? Yes, dog birthday parties are hosted in a legendary manner here.

Bottom line

Booking a pet hotel has become a new norm in the vacationing industry. This point holds for those who accompany puppies or kitties on their trips. Although many hoteliers cater to the needs of pet owners, some are better than others. Take a look at the above pet-friendly hotels in the United States. With handy info, you can easily make the best choice when planning a stay with your pet.